Student Power : Sway – An “Encompassing Environment”

Sway art installation by SCI-Arc first year students and porfessors Nathan Bishop, Eric Kahn, and Jenny Wu.Sway: 2010, made of 228 bundled steel rods, bolted and joined with flexible wire.


Designed and built by 37 first year SCI-Arc students, led by professors Nathan Bishop who refers to the installation as an “encompassing environment,” Eric Kahn and Jenny Wu of the 1A Studi0. More here.

Personally this reminds me of the delicate grid of telephone and trolley line cables that used to cover many or the great American cities. I love how futuristic this feels and wish I could of experienced the installation.

Please credit responsibly! Image by Tiffany Neman.
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2 Responses to Student Power : Sway – An “Encompassing Environment”

  1. This looks like some modern cybor forest, I like!

  2. i like it too! it’s somehow unique…

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