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Moving to Marble Hill

In less then two weeks I am moving to Marble Hill, the very northernmost tip of what is technically, although once debated, Manhattan. Settled by the Dutch in 1646, Marble Hill sits on deposits of dolomite marble once used to … Continue reading

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Bohmerianism : Art & Experience

__ Genius, the esteemed title of a master artist, once reflected by his gracious strokes of realistic perfection, but now, no longer desired, rather uncared for, instead, replaced by his and her expressions of honesty, gestures of vulnerability; art today, … Continue reading

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Bohmerianism : Peace is Love and Yellow is Mellow

Some random photos of things I have recently been working on and places I have been visiting. ___ If you haven’t already; feel free to follow me on: Facebook – Twitter – Bloglovin

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Bohmerianism : Prosperity

From this weekends birthday party; The Mystery of 25 was: When peace meets love and life finds prosperity, true happiness is shared and abundant. ___ True prosperity is an abundance of unconditional love, for oneself and for others. As we … Continue reading

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