Bohmerianism : Art & Experience

Thoughts about art by Naftali Stern__

Genius, the esteemed title of a master artist, once reflected by his gracious strokes of realistic perfection, but now, no longer desired, rather uncared for, instead, replaced by his and her expressions of honesty, gestures of vulnerability; art today, a personal story, of its artist, of people, their imperfections, their abstract sensibilities; our desire to express and experience, the beautiful, the ugly, the truth, the ideal; its forms, shapes, and colors, all part of our story, all part of what makes art today so fascinating and overwhelming, exciting and unexpected, in manners of speaking, abstract only to those to afraid to experience life’s true journey.

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2 Responses to Bohmerianism : Art & Experience

  1. Nora says:

    True, there is more spontaneity and individualism in the artistic expression today. At the same time there are less references and rules, so how can you tell what is really art?


    • Nora,
      Well…It it moves or excited you in any way then by your definition it is art. Although art that is universally appreciated may be considered the most profound, any art that speaks to any audience, even if it is only to the artist who created it, is by their definition true art. Yet to appease skepticism, any art forced unexpectedly and then justified is likely to be less significant and thus uninteresting.

      I hope that answers your question.
      Naftali – 🙂

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