Thoughts : Hurricane Irene

Two days later; Hurricane Irene came and went, thankfully leaving NYC intact with hardly any damages to take note of. To avoid any trouble, I had evacuated my Brooklyn apartment over the weekend and went upstate where I hoped to be safe from any flooding and the sort. We lost electricity over the first night and without any real light I spent most of my time in silent meditation. On Sunday I took advantage of the afternoon’s indirect light which allowed me to photograph some fun open-shutter style compositions.

Please credit responsibly! Art photos below, 2011 by Naftali Stern. My portrait, by Julia Foster.

Photographs by Naftali Stern.

Photographs by Naftali Stern.

Photographs by Naftali Stern.Photographs by Naftali Stern.Photographs by Naftali Stern.

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2 Responses to Thoughts : Hurricane Irene

  1. Annette says:

    hey, well done, these fotos!
    it’s good to hear you’re safe.

  2. so glad nothing worse happened! we never have any hurricanes or tornados in central europe, but i experienced a tiny one in chicago once and it was really, really scary!

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