Art Finds : Passover Woodcut by Jacob Steinhardt

A page from the passover book "Haggadah Shel Pesach" with a illustration by jewish Israeli woodcut artist Jacob Steinhardt.From the book “Haggadah Shel Pesach”; a 1923, woodcut illustration, featuring the work of Israeli artist Jacob Steinhardt.

Please credit responsibly! Artwork is property of special collections at the University of Michigan.

If you really know me, then you already know I absolutely love finding and collecting art from the most unusual places.  One of my favorites, are stylized illustrations I find in old books and manuals. For me; being able to feel the printed paper, and imaging I am actually holding the original artwork, is a magical and intimate experience that I often do not feel while looking at art in galleries and museums.

I love paper! I love wood. I love art; and so naturally I really love woodblock prints, especially when finding them so humbly tucked away in the pages of old books.

Happy Passover everyone!


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