Inspiration : Graffiti Door #2

A unique graffit door in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY.Just a few blocks from me on Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; a uniquely scribbled, graffiti painted front door.


Design Thoughts:
Although I often post graffiti inspiration, I really am not a big fan of the jungled scribbles that to often illegally cover the private homes and shops in cities worldwide. Still I do find the personalization of the graffiti effect to be paralytically inspiring when it seems to be deliberately wanted and when they are particularly unique in shape, form or colors.

The black painted door above has small handwritten names and messages which collectively adds a nice porous like effect and somehow reminds me of abstractly designed lace. I imagine that everyone who has ever lived there has left their name scribbled on that door, and everyone that ever moves in is greeted by a crowd of welcoming memories.

Design Ideas:
Paint you front door in a coat of chalkboard paint and let everyone see your ever changing graffiti genius…

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4 Responses to Inspiration : Graffiti Door #2

  1. Paola says:

    If only my landlord would let me! This is incredible!

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