After Sandy…

Fallen tree in Pawling NY after the 2012 Hurricane Sandy.Sadly Hurricane Sandy has left many without homes, without business, without electricity, without food, without work, and for many, possibly without feelings of hope.

My love and prayers to all those who lost anything in this unexpected storm. I hope you are able to find some positivity in all this and continue to imagine that some greater opportunities are yet to come.

with love,


Showing is an image I took of a 150+ year old tree that had fallen because of the storm. In my mind trees symbolize growth, shelter, nourishment, warmth, and history (its age). After many years of offering its shade and beauty, even this otherwise fallen tree can now offer lumber and  kindling for someone to build and warm a new home.

I hope you can find that somewhat inspiring.

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  1. I’ve been following the news on Hurricane Sandy, and my thoughts go out to everyone affected by it. Seeing the image of this tree is a little heart-wrenching, but poignant thought about it being repurposed into something useful!


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