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Art Finds : 90’s Acrylic

1990’s colored acrylic sculptures by East Hampton based American artist and sculptor Norman Mercer. ___ Hardly is there anything more elegant than handsomely shaped towers of translucent color. Don’t you agree?

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Bohemianism : Winter Residency

Applications are now being accepted for the first time ever “winter residency” at The Wassaic Project artist retreat in upstate Wassaic, NY. Studio space is limited and residencies are one to six months and include housing. Application deadline now extended … Continue reading

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Thoughts : Hurricane Irene

Two days later; Hurricane Irene came and went, thankfully leaving NYC intact with hardly any damages to take note of. To avoid any trouble, I had evacuated my Brooklyn apartment over the weekend and went upstate where I hoped to … Continue reading

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Staged : Plastic Wrap

  Romanian model Gabriela Iliescu, styled by Charlotte Diestel, and photographed by Munich based fashion photographer Johannes Graf for Fine Taste Magazine. ___ I really like how the detail of the stretched plastic adds subtle transparent texture to the otherwise … Continue reading

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Rare & Beautiful : Blow Chair

Blow: A 1967 inflatable plastic armchair designed by Italian architect and designer Jonathan De Pas. ___ I absolutely love blow up chairs and would encourage more designers, myself included, to design more of these in fun and unique shapes. Please … Continue reading

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Styled : Casual Friday

Sometimes a Casual Friday can allow the beat up white tee a chance to shine. Calvin Klein shoes, Zara scarf, Gap shorts, Kenneth Cole watch. ___ If you haven’t already: Join my Facebook – Follow me on Twitter – Follow … Continue reading

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Dubbed : Pa-Blow

Spanish abstract artist Pablo Picasso with the 2010 Blow table by Munich based designer Konstantin Grcic. ___ I can only imagine how infuriated Picasso would be if he were to find my dubbed comparison of his portrait to an itty … Continue reading

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Art Finds : The Pin-Up Nightstands

Some of my favorite designs from The Pin-Up Nightstands; a 2011 design collaboration between Pin-Up magazine and Phillips de Pury & Company, featuring innovative nightstand designs by: Aranda\Lasch, Rafael de Cardenas with Evan Gruzis, Jim Drain, Paul Kopkau, Paul Lee, … Continue reading

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Wordplay : Fixaddic

fixated + addiction = fixaddic ex. When tempted by the urge of my late night sugar fixaddic, I run a cold bath and imagine myself treading deep soda waters with taffy shaped sharks circling my reese’s float. *Warning: Fixaddic obsessions … Continue reading

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Inspiration : Magdalena Frackowiack

Polish fashion model Magdalena Frackowiack, styled by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen, and photographed by Aitken Jolly for Copenhagen based Dansk Magazine. ___ There are so many reason why I love these images. First off, Magdalena is ravishingly beautiful and for me, well … Continue reading

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Bohemian Finds : Bronze Dagger

Made of bronze, a 2011 dagger style letter opener by American artist and sculptor Mary Brogger. ___ For many, opening letters must seem outdated, but unavoidable bills surely must be more fun opening with bronze, dagger style. Personally; I really … Continue reading

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Staged : Planet Tilda

British actress Tilda Swinton, styled by Jacob Kjeldgaard, and photographed by fashion photographer Tim Walker for W-Magazine. See more pics here. ___ I love how the background architecture feels so alien like and how those otherwise unimportant factory exhaust cylinders have … Continue reading

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Wordplay : Fop

folk + pop = fop ex. Fop art combines the culture of a particular folk art and the visual symbolism of its counter pop culture, and often includes patriotic iconography . See “Made in China” by Andrew Schoultz.

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Art Finds : China Made America

Made in China, a 2011 Gold leaf and acrylic painting over a stretched American flag, by San Francisco based artist Andrew Schoultz. As explained to me by the artist: Masking a China made American flag in a layer of imitation … Continue reading

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Bohemian Finds : Lucite Candlestick Holders

Orange striped, 1970’s, Italian mid-century Lucite candlestick holders, done in the style of American furniture designer, Charles Hollis Jones. For purchasing info, please email me here.

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Design Library : Empire of Space

Empire of Space : Photography by NYC based American photographer Todd Eberle, introduction by Graydon Carter, forward by Glenn O’Brien, and contributor David Hickey. Published by Rizzoli. ___ A personal retrospective featuring over thirty-some years of his photography career, “Empire … Continue reading

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Interiors : Cabin Fever

  Danish born fashion entrepreneur Stine Busk Christa Engel together with her husband Henry Bush convert their 1924, Northern Zealand log cabin into a chic rustic retreat. Please credit responsibly! Photos by Birgitta W. Drejer via Vårt Nya Hem.

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Dubbed : Candy Andy

American pop artist Any Warhol in a 1980’s TDK advertisement, with the “Rainbow” chair designed in 2000 by Paris based furniture and industrial designer Patrick Norguet. ___ Right now I am obsessed with both artist portraits and chairs. Look out … Continue reading

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Work & Play : Alexander Calder

American sculptor and artist Alexander Calder photographed in Paris 1929, by Hungarian born Photographer André Kertész. ___ I really love the art jumble he is all tangled up in, and in some way I see this as visual metaphor that … Continue reading

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